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Who Else Want The Home Studio Recording Guide? “People always wonder why somebody is giving away something for free. Truth is that I’m giving this away because I want to get in touch with and collaborate with musicians and home studio enthusiast around the globe,” Malene Fill inn your name and email adresse, and I'll send you the Recording Guide right away! // [...]
Free Home Recording Studio Reference Guide
Get Your Free Home Studio PDF book Impress yourself and your buddy with these recording studio techniques From: Malene Brune 
11:25 PM Hi, My name is Malene, I’m a sound engineer and I’ve made a funny little PDF  I would like to send you.  I have given it the very creative name “Home Studio Recording Reference Guide” ;) Yes, it is a reference guide, filled with killer recording [...]
Music Theory Games–the shortest route to superb musicianship
Music theory can be scary if you are a musician who has been playing by ear, or if you’re just beginning, but now you can relax because downloadable music theory games make it fun, and as painless as possible. Give the game down below a shot! And try if you can get on the high score list! Chose your preferences and hit start. Some of [...]
How Can I Develop My Singing Technique?   4 Pro Tips For Serious Professionals
Even though many amateur or gigging vocalists gain a certain level of competency simply from time spent on stage, they often wonder, “How can I develop my singing-- become a great singer?” Today we will look at 4 training tips to help you realize your full vocal potential. Tip #1 - Become Aware of Your Vibrato A. Place your hands on the lower chest area so you can feel your ribs [...]
Are You Bold, Audacious? Learn To Record Your Own (Studio Quality) Music With Audacity Download – 100% Free
A new world of recorded music is available to the everyman and woman:  The power of a computer and software-- the audacity download which is totally free-- matching the quality produced by a music studio. Before you lament having to learn yet another software program, check out the audacity tutorial.  You’ll find the program is easy to use and what you need help on, there is plenty in forums and [...]
A Taste of the Life and Music of Singer Melody Gardot– From Near Death to Stardom
Melody Gardot via A Taste of the Life and Music of Singer Melody Gardot-- From Near Death to Stardom Playing piano in bars in Philadelphia since age 17, at 19 years old, the now famous singer Melody Gardot, was hit by a car while bike riding.  She was a “vegetable” by her own description, for over a year. By now most of you know the story of how the music itself worked therapeutically, [...]
How to Have Singing Success, Even On Your Worst Days
Your singing success should not be forfeited because you have problems such as a sore throat or raw tissues from straining your vocal chords. Sadly this is all too common for singers.  You may have that big break when a producer or talent scout comes to see you, but alas --you are having a bad hair day.  No, not bad hair, something even more important-- a bad voice day. This is often related [...]
Can I Make My Own Music??  Answer:  Sure! You Can!
Have you ever heard something on the radio and gotten an idea for a song and thought “I can make my own music, just like what’s on the radio!”  Great!  You can write and record your music, and have it ready to play and record for song publishers, artists, promoters and venues where music is performed, in a lot less time and training than you might imagine. Just think, if the chance goes [...]
The History of music video production:  A Primer
The history of music video production begins with movie musicals around 1920, and leaves off with iPod apps, mini movie screens and videos for your cell phone in the 21st century, in 2010. Every year in New York, Lincoln Center holds a Video Festival, specifically to celebrate music videos as an art form.  Event proponents contend that mainstream media tends to dismiss videos as low brow; a way of [...]
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