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Who Else Want The Home Studio Recording Guide? “People always wonder why somebody is giving away something for free. Truth is that I’m giving this away because I want to get in touch with and collaborate with musicians and home studio enthusiast around the globe,” Malene Fill inn your name and email adresse, and I'll send you the Recording Guide right away! // [...]
Free Home Recording Studio Reference Guide
Get Your Free Home Studio PDF book Impress yourself and your buddy with these recording studio techniques From: Malene Brune 
11:25 PM Hi, My name is Malene, I’m a sound engineer and I’ve made a funny little PDF  I would like to send you.  I have given it the very creative name “Home Studio Recording Reference Guide” ;) Yes, it is a reference guide, filled with killer recording [...]
Are You Bold, Audacious? Learn To Record Your Own (Studio Quality) Music With Audacity Download – 100% Free
A new world of recorded music is available to the everyman and woman:  The power of a computer and software-- the audacity download which is totally free-- matching the quality produced by a music studio. Before you lament having to learn yet another software program, check out the audacity tutorial.  You’ll find the program is easy to use and what you need help on, there is plenty in forums and [...]
How To Record At Home With Computer Music Recording Software
The first step with computer music recording software is to get comfortable with a program such as Garageband. If you use a PC, check for comparable programs such as Audacity, Mixcraft, or Acid. Use of recording software is just as vital for your music career or source of second income, as is becoming proficient on your instrument or vocal skills. The power of this software is the multi-track recording [...]
The Amazing Story of Audio Recording History
From the very first sound duplication in 1877, to iTunes and MP3, it has been a fascinating journey.  Think about the implications, if you had lived in the early days of recording history.  You’d have wondered, as we do now about certain technologies, whether this was even a good idea.  After all, wouldn’t recordings put radio stations out of business? Apparently not.  And wouldn’t [...]
3 Free Sound Recording Videos
Get Your 3 Free "Learn Music Recording" Videos Impress yourself and your family with these super easy music recording techniques. From: Malene Brune 0:25 AM Hi, My name is Malene and I´ve made 3 music (sound) recording videos I would like to send you. If you're already a pro, then you won´t need these…. but if you´re just starting out, then make sure you enter your email below( or [...]
Vocal Recording Demystified — Your First “Record” Could be Closer Than You Know
So you are ready to produce your first vocal recording. As a singer you can be your own amateur sound technician; Get a sense of what’s required for professional quality sound. Of course, you want to work with a dedicated sound person when it’s possible. He or she will assure you get the desired quality, and free you from worrying about techie stuff to focus solely on your music, being in the [...]
Music Recording Studios of Today and of The Future — Smaller, Cheaper, Superb Sound
Today’s music recording studios are often home based or small, more economical, and turning out the same sound quality that a few years ago required a commercial studio. Indie performers with limited budgets especially favor home studios. Because of decreasing revenue from music sales, the lower budges of home studio productions are popular industry wide. You are a musician; you are going one way [...]
Music Recording Software:  Sound Like Capitol Studios, or Abbey Road–Right in Your Own Home
The clock is ticking; this fantasy come true -- free recording software and capability-- may not last much longer.  Act now! Lucky for musicians, music recording software has pretty much replaced the traditional recording studio and all the accompanying logistics of getting there and recording on site. Recording software ranges from free downloads to products costing thousands.  There is something [...]
When Selecting<br />Music Recording Equipment,<br />KISS! Keep it simple silly
To get the music recording equipment you need, study enough to get the gist of it. Resist well meaning techno geeks ready to tell you the origin of electret mics, adding decibels to electric oscillations of residual magnetization, with impedance… true, that means nothing, but that’s how it will seem when they try to explain recording technology. That’s not to say music recording equipment [...]
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