Can I Make My Own Music?? Answer: Sure! You Can!

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Musician playing the violinHave you ever heard something on the radio and gotten an idea for a song and thought “I can make my own music, just like what’s on the radio!”  Great!  You can write and record your music, and have it ready to play and record for song publishers, artists, promoters and venues where music is performed, in a lot less time and training than you might imagine.

Just think, if the chance goes by and you hear your song idea, only slightly different, on the radio Top 40, how you’ll be plundered into deep regret…you failed to act on the thing that could have made all the difference in your life.

Know what else?  It not only makes a difference for yourself, but millions of people who could benefit from what you have to say in your music.

Just think, where would we be if there were no Cole Porter, giving us that lush romantic music to fall in love to? No John Lennon to help us “Imagine” what the world can be like when we chose to love, not hate?  None of the present day songwriters to nourish us with musical commentary of our times:  wars, economic meltdowns, technological overload…helping us to make sense of it all.

So you are determined to make music your life.  You start all fired up, record some tracks, and aren’t thrilled with the results. Fine, no worries, just revise, redo, edit, till it truly shows you at your best.

Do you know the crucial factor differentiating musicians who make it and those who don’t? Think it’s talent? A great big N.O.  Luck?   Not hardly.  It is stick-to-itiveness. Perseverance.

Persevere until you are tired, falling asleep at your guitar if necessary, to get those licks down…

Get out of bed when that song idea rolls in from the ether, and write it down or record it, 3 a.m. …be sure to invest in headphones so you don’t wake the sleeping.

Call people across the globe to set up tour dates when it’s 3 am for you, but a work day at 9 a.m. for them.

Surf the net to find reputable online promotion opportunities to get music heard by the public or industry insiders.

Read what you need to learn to record professionally so you don’t bastardize your fantastic music with substandard recording techniques.

As you may have heard many a performer or songwriter say, “I eat, sleep, and breathe music.” That means they stick to it come hell or high water.  They don’t ask anyone whether they should or not.  If you have to ask, you are not sufficiently determined for the luminous field of making music.

Indeed, whether you live like a pauper or a king or queen, does not matter.  Provided you are on the right track you’ll derive the joy from music that you want and need, if not the monetary rewards. Music nourishes the soul, and you can always get some bread to nourish the body.  What else do we really need?

From the heart, when I make my own music, all else that is worrisome fades to the background; I sore like the songbird I was born to be. How about you?

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