Getting To Know Brett Manning, the Genius Behind “Singing Success”

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Singing Success is a patented method for helping beginning and professional singers to develop the full potential of their voices, developed by Brett Manning of Nashville, Tennessee. Brett came to develop his singing method through his own struggle to get his voice to behave the way he wanted it too.
Brett Manning's Singing Success Vocal Coaching Program

While bouncing around the rough and tumble music scene of Nashville–known as “Music City USA”, Brett went from vocal coach to vocal coach but none could give him the help he needed. That is until he met Seth Riggs, the inventor of Speech Level Singing. When Brett Manning received vocal coaching from Mr. Riggs, his voice problems began to melt away, eventually enabling him to expand to a 5 octave range.

He must have been really sold on the Riggs method because he started working with other teachers of the method and learned how to teach it to others. He studied for over ten years and ultimately he became a level 5 Speech Level Singing (SLS) tutor, the most prestigious position for an SLS teacher.

While his initial goal was to be a singer, Brett discovered another talent, his natural teaching ability and love of helping others to succeed in music. He was working under Seth Riggs but the 2 men’s goals diverged: Brett wanted to take a more accessible approach that would bring the SLS methods to the everyday person. That is how he ended up starting “Singing Success”. In addition to the SLS approach to singing, Brett Manning adds his fun and easy going style to the mix.

The 2 combined make a dynamite combination.

Singing Success Online - Online Video Lessons

Now Brett is a recording artist as well as vocal coach and business man. He recently released a CD called “All In Your Mind”. Listen to some sample tracks from it and you’ll notice his range, but it is not what you may think. I noticed that while he effortlessly bent his voice to the high notes it was very subtle — you hardly noticed it.
That is what makes it so great, you don’t suddenly think “wow, that was a great note he just reached”, but you hear the message as a whole of the song; His voice doesn’t “get in the way” of the music and its message. His own singing is a great testimony to the value of “Singing Success’.

Mr. Manning’s business offerings include his in person coaching and workshops which he does all over the world, and online coaching, plus a CD training series to give you all the lessons and exercises included in “Singing Success”.

He has a teaching studio in Nashville, visited by such stars as Taylor Swift, members of Take 6, and Brian White. He has appeared on Country Music Television, on “Can You Duet” and has acted as a vocal coach for Broadway plays such as Les Miserable’s and Elton John’s Aida.

The roster of client’s for Singing Success include Grammy winning artists on both independent and commercial music labels such as Atlantic, MCA, Sony Records, and Columbia. If you are a singer or would like to be, you can’t help but benefit from checking out the Brett Manning website, where in addition to the full blown training program, you can get free stuff including singing tips and a lot of inspiration to get better at your craft.

Brett Manning's Singing Success Vocal Coaching Program

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