How to Have Singing Success, Even On Your Worst Days

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Your singing success should not be forfeited because you have problems such as a sore throat or raw tissues from straining your vocal chords.

Sadly this is all too Singer with headphonescommon for singers.  You may have that big break when a producer or talent scout comes to see you, but alas –you are having a bad hair day.  No, not bad hair, something even more important– a bad voice day.

This is often related to success itself — you are getting hot, venues are requesting you, and all this extra work is the very thing that trips you up. The hours a night of singing on stage, that you are not used to.

Here are some things that will eliminate this straining, regardless of the volume of gigs or concerts you are doing:

. This is enhanced by using a hot steaming towel over your head in the bathroom, filling up the room with steam by running a hot shower.  Or do this at the sauna if you have access to one.

Good nutrition and mineral supplements – Eat healthy proteins like fish, eggs, nuts and seeds for energy.  In the morning and/or for lunch fresh fruit will give you an energy surge.  Avoid candy and sweets for this purpose.

Minerals have a calming effect on your nervous system, including your vocal chords.  This relaxation helps the voice to become flaccid when not in use, thus restoring a comfort level when you sing.

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Speaking of becoming flaccid (no joke intended)– avoid talking, unless necessary, and absolutely no yelling or practicing. You cannot expect to use your voice for other things when you have a heavy performing schedule.  You are already good if you’ve got that many bookings, so hold off rehearsal until you have new material. If band needs to rehearse, just mouth your part quietly or they can practice with a recording of you.

Some natural drinks are soothing and restore the voice:  lemon and honey in hot water, fresh ginger steeped in hot water with lemon juice. Some swear by a mixture of lemon juice and cayenne pepper with water.  Once you find a concoction you like keep it on stage, and take drinks between all songs and even when there’s a lead solo.

Last but not least is to sleep at least 6, better yet 8 hours a night.  This is the time the chords mend naturally as they rest.  Wake up refreshed.  Do not begin talking or singing right when you awake.  Try a nettie pot to clean any gunk from throat and nasal passages.  This is also called nasal irrigation.  You can purchase the needed materials at better drug stores or make a solution (check online for home made options).

It is up to you to guide your singing success. There are also programs too help you achieve your ultimate goals and make your dreams for a music career come true.  In fact, one of the programs endorsed by top recording acts and effective vocal teachers is actually called Singing Success.

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