How Can I Develop My Singing Technique? 4 Pro Tips For Serious Professionals

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Even though many amateur or gigging vocalists gain a certain level of competency simply from time spent on stage, they often wonder, “How can I develop my singing–
become a great singer?”

Today we will look at 4 training tips to help you realize your full vocal potential.

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Tip #1 – Become Aware of Your Vibrato

A. Place your hands on the lower chest area so you can feel your ribs where they join at the center, in the soft part a little bit above your navel.

B. Sing one tone, any tone in your natural range will work.

C. While singing this tone, with your hands still on your ribs, push in a little bit in the center rib soft area,  then release.  Do this several times – push and release.  Notice how your tone shakes a bit or warble.  This is the vibrato sound.

Tip #2 – Locate the feeling of the head voice

Begin by yawning.  As you do, relax the vocal chords and throat.  Make the sound of woo-wee, drawing out each syllable.  It will sound like a siren.  This should be felt in the head, where your head voice is.  Other sounds you can feel in your head voice region are a hooting like an owl or woo, a cheer.

Tip #3 – Breathing Correctly

If you bend down and touch your elbows to your knees and breath deeply you’ll find…you cannot take a breath.  It is as if you are trying to get water from a hose with a kink in it.

Do this again, but this time, sit up. You can now breath easily.

Tip #4 – Letting the sound project out

Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, with your lips closed, upper and lower teeth touching. Hum.  Where do you feel vibration?  It should have been in your nose.  Your tongue is in the way, it is blocking off the sound made by the vocal chords’ vibration.

Do this again but allow the tongue to drop down, and keep the teeth together as before, lips closed.  Hum and notice where you feel vibration.  You should feel it in your teeth.  Your teeth are blocking the air from passing out freely.

Now the 3rd time, open your mouth as much as possible with your lips still closed (buy only barely touching), upper and lower teeth no longer touching, and your tongue touching the bottom of your mouth, creating an opening for air to flow through.  Now hum, notice the lips are vibrating this time.  Only the lips are stopping the air. You should feel the vibration in your lips.

This is the best sound production.  Notice how the sound changes and becomes richer when done with only lips touching, tongue down, teeth apart.

These are just the tip of the iceberg to help you become a great singer.  I often ask myself how can I develop my singing expertise, as I struggle on stage to flow and deeply connect with the audience.  I know that the things I am doing that deaden my tone and projection on certain parts of the harder songs are hurting my success.

I think there is hope now, with training available in systems like Speech Level Singing.  Finally, I will become the entertainer I have always dreamed of on that stage.  I think there is hope for you too.  So don’t give up!

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