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The Answer to A Singer’s Prayers:  Speech Level Singing
Once upon a time, there was no speech level singing , but there was always singing. Yeah, great singers and great singing teachers have been around forever! But then a guy named Seth Riggs came along and started to teach a whole new way of singing -- something he called "Speech Level Singing". And tell you what? That changed the way our superstars are singing today! Seth Riggs was the creator [...]
Getting To Know Brett Manning, the Genius Behind “Singing Success”
Singing Success is a patented method for helping beginning and professional singers to develop the full potential of their voices, developed by Brett Manning of Nashville, Tennessee. Brett came to develop his singing method through his own struggle to get his voice to behave the way he wanted it too. While bouncing around the rough and tumble music scene of Nashville--known as “Music City USA”, [...]
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