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Chord Progressions For Beginners: Knowledge is Power…Make Some Powerful Music!!
Learning about chord progressions is important in order to become a capable musician. Knowing progressions, using chord numbers (i.e. I chord, IV chord etc) and their predictable interconnectedness enables you to: Write chord charts Easily recall songs Possess a better useful knowledge of scales Play “by ear” Compose songs or improve your composition skills In fact the main reason [...]
You Don’t Need to go to Julliard – Learn Music Theory Online, In 15 Minutes A Day!!
Now that we live in the Internet age, it is easy and inexpensive to study music theory online. No matter what your age, whether you want to start your own band, play a solo act, or just for enjoyment and relaxation, you can become adept at music theory, online, without having to attend classes and rearrange your schedule. If you work, have children and other responsibilities, you can still save [...]
Always Wanted to<br />Play Piano By Ear?<br />Me Too, and We Can!
If you love music, if you can sing, and are willing to learn tools such as the Circle of Fifths, and relative pitch, you can play piano by ear. How is this possible? Many singers and songwriters, even guitar players, wish they could play piano by ear, but they feel like it is a special talent reserved for geniuses with magic in their hands. That’s not true. If you so desire, learning to play [...]
How Can You Write A Collection Of Songs For A CD?<br />Learn The Circle Of Fifths And You’ve Got All You Need!
Image via WikipediaKnowing the circle of fifths, you can write a collection of songs and produce a CD! How is that for a great music tool!! It’s true. The circle of fifths shows you each key signature and then the chords that belong in that key. When you write a song you can refer to it to help you pick chord changes for your song. Here is the tool: Here is how it works. The 12 major key [...]
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