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Why Do We Love The Guitar?<a href=”http://bit.ly/FreeGuitarcource”
Sitting around the bonfire on a late summer nigh. The sun sets and the the grasshopper starts singing (Here in Norway, the sun sets in the middle of the nigh in the summer months). Your best friends are there, and someone have brought a guitar. You start singing along with the sweet sound from this great instrument. In the beginning it´s just humming. So, after a while, one by one start to sing [...]
Why do I play the drums in Guitar Hero Word Tour?
I love Guitar Hero. Or maybe I should say Guitar Hero World Tour. To be honest. I don´t really "get" the guitar thing. Too many knobs to push, too fast... and game over...! But what I do like is the fellowship. The game . Playing in a band with friends. Having fun together, feel the rhythm and kind of "making music" together. People that don´t have a clue on how to play a real guitar are [...]
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