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Vocal Recording Demystified — Your First “Record” Could be Closer Than You Know
So you are ready to produce your first vocal recording. As a singer you can be your own amateur sound technician; Get a sense of what’s required for professional quality sound. Of course, you want to work with a dedicated sound person when it’s possible. He or she will assure you get the desired quality, and free you from worrying about techie stuff to focus solely on your music, being in the [...]
When Selecting<br />Music Recording Equipment,<br />KISS! Keep it simple silly
To get the music recording equipment you need, study enough to get the gist of it. Resist well meaning techno geeks ready to tell you the origin of electret mics, adding decibels to electric oscillations of residual magnetization, with impedance… true, that means nothing, but that’s how it will seem when they try to explain recording technology. That’s not to say music recording equipment [...]
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