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Music Theory Games–the shortest route to superb musicianship
Music theory can be scary if you are a musician who has been playing by ear, or if you’re just beginning, but now you can relax because downloadable music theory games make it fun, and as painless as possible. Give the game down below a shot! And try if you can get on the high score list! Chose your preferences and hit start. Some of [...]
You Don’t Need to go to Julliard – Learn Music Theory Online, In 15 Minutes A Day!!
Now that we live in the Internet age, it is easy and inexpensive to study music theory online. No matter what your age, whether you want to start your own band, play a solo act, or just for enjoyment and relaxation, you can become adept at music theory, online, without having to attend classes and rearrange your schedule. If you work, have children and other responsibilities, you can still save [...]
The Essentials of Music Theory — The Missing Piece of The Performance Puzzle
Image via WikipediaYou’ve probably heard that many successful musicians and performers know very little formal music -- so you may wonder, why learn the essentials of music theory. Well there are some excellent reasons. The good news is you can learn it easily and you don’t need to learn everything, unless you are in classical music. If you are a singer, you may think, “I can hear a song [...]
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