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Home Studio Recording
Who Else Want The Home Studio Recording Guide? “People always wonder why somebody is giving away something for free. Truth is that I’m giving this away because I want to get in touch with and collaborate with musicians and home studio enthusiast around the globe,” Malene Fill inn your name and email adresse, and I'll send you the Recording Guide right away! // [...]
Getting To Know Brett Manning, the Genius Behind “Singing Success”
Singing Success is a patented method for helping beginning and professional singers to develop the full potential of their voices, developed by Brett Manning of Nashville, Tennessee. Brett came to develop his singing method through his own struggle to get his voice to behave the way he wanted it too. While bouncing around the rough and tumble music scene of Nashville--known as “Music City USA”, [...]
Why do I play the drums in Guitar Hero Word Tour?
I love Guitar Hero. Or maybe I should say Guitar Hero World Tour. To be honest. I don´t really "get" the guitar thing. Too many knobs to push, too fast... and game over...! But what I do like is the fellowship. The game . Playing in a band with friends. Having fun together, feel the rhythm and kind of "making music" together. People that don´t have a clue on how to play a real guitar are [...]
How Can You Become An Unique Musician?
You are unique? Did you know that? There are no other musicians like you in the entire world! You should breake your neck to become the musician you are ment to be. Don´t you ever try to be someone else. Don´t you ever try to be comparable to your favourite musician or singer! If somebody says "You sings just like Celine Dione, Madonna, Paul Pott". That´s nothing to blow horns for! Let [...]
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