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Can I Make My Own Music??  Answer:  Sure! You Can!
Have you ever heard something on the radio and gotten an idea for a song and thought “I can make my own music, just like what’s on the radio!”  Great!  You can write and record your music, and have it ready to play and record for song publishers, artists, promoters and venues where music is performed, in a lot less time and training than you might imagine. Just think, if the chance goes [...]
How Can You Become An Unique Musician?
You are unique? Did you know that? There are no other musicians like you in the entire world! You should breake your neck to become the musician you are ment to be. Don´t you ever try to be someone else. Don´t you ever try to be comparable to your favourite musician or singer! If somebody says "You sings just like Celine Dione, Madonna, Paul Pott". That´s nothing to blow horns for! Let [...]
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