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What is an Ear Trainer?  Will It Make Me a Better Musician, Recording Engineer or Sound Man?
An ear trainer is a system that enables you to hear music and identify the notes chords and keys you are hearing. Take a look at the blog post about perfect pitch and relative pitch. For instance if you wanted to sing a melody right now in the key of F, you could simply start singing and make up the melody, then sit down and write it on a piece of staff paper. So yes, an ear trainer will make you [...]
Do I Need To Achieve Perfect Pitch? And Is It Possible To Learn When I´m A Grown Up?
Image via Wikipedia You remember when you were a little kid and you learned the primary colors? Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and so on… That learning process you experienced to learn the colors is the same learning process you will need to use if you want to learn to hear musical tones and be able to identify them. It is abstract in a sense, but so are the colors if you think about [...]
Relative Pitch – A Super Fun Part Of Music Training That Will Make Your Singing and Playing SO……. Much Easier
You don’t need perfect pitch if you can master relative pitch. Relative pitch simply means that if you are given a note or chord, from there you can sing another note that you are asked to sing. For instance, if I pay the “c” note on the piano, I can sing the G note. But with perfect pitch, you could simply sing the G note accurately without first hearing any note at all. You can learn [...]
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