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Do I Need To Achieve Perfect Pitch? And Is It Possible To Learn When I´m A Grown Up?
Image via Wikipedia You remember when you were a little kid and you learned the primary colors? Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and so on… That learning process you experienced to learn the colors is the same learning process you will need to use if you want to learn to hear musical tones and be able to identify them. It is abstract in a sense, but so are the colors if you think about [...]
The Essentials of Music Theory — The Missing Piece of The Performance Puzzle
Image via WikipediaYou’ve probably heard that many successful musicians and performers know very little formal music -- so you may wonder, why learn the essentials of music theory. Well there are some excellent reasons. The good news is you can learn it easily and you don’t need to learn everything, unless you are in classical music. If you are a singer, you may think, “I can hear a song [...]
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