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How Can I Develop My Singing Technique?   4 Pro Tips For Serious Professionals
Even though many amateur or gigging vocalists gain a certain level of competency simply from time spent on stage, they often wonder, “How can I develop my singing-- become a great singer?” Today we will look at 4 training tips to help you realize your full vocal potential. Tip #1 - Become Aware of Your Vibrato A. Place your hands on the lower chest area so you can feel your ribs [...]
How to Have Singing Success, Even On Your Worst Days
Your singing success should not be forfeited because you have problems such as a sore throat or raw tissues from straining your vocal chords. Sadly this is all too common for singers.  You may have that big break when a producer or talent scout comes to see you, but alas --you are having a bad hair day.  No, not bad hair, something even more important-- a bad voice day. This is often related [...]
Vocal Recording Demystified — Your First “Record” Could be Closer Than You Know
So you are ready to produce your first vocal recording. As a singer you can be your own amateur sound technician; Get a sense of what’s required for professional quality sound. Of course, you want to work with a dedicated sound person when it’s possible. He or she will assure you get the desired quality, and free you from worrying about techie stuff to focus solely on your music, being in the [...]
What is an Ear Trainer?  Will It Make Me a Better Musician, Recording Engineer or Sound Man?
An ear trainer is a system that enables you to hear music and identify the notes chords and keys you are hearing. Take a look at the blog post about perfect pitch and relative pitch. For instance if you wanted to sing a melody right now in the key of F, you could simply start singing and make up the melody, then sit down and write it on a piece of staff paper. So yes, an ear trainer will make you [...]
My Dream:<br />To Make My Own Music!<br />How Can I Do It In The Commercialized World of the Music Business?
Take a song from any genre and see if you can sing it and make it your own. For example, the song “White Christmas”. What genre best fits you? Country, rock, jazz, R & B? Something else? Pick the one or 2 that fit you, and meditate on how White Christmas would sound in those styles. Now sing it. Does it feel like you own it? Can you truly say “I Make My Own Music”? What are [...]
If I Get Lessons To Improve My Singing, I Am Afraid I Will Ruin My Raw Talent And Style.  What Can I Do?
Many singers have expressed, “I want to improve my singing but I am worried that all the technical stuff about how to sing will stifle my unique style.” You are right that being a copycat is not a solution. You can find your own way of singing and performing. When you do that you will improve your voice, and become a better singer. What you may not know is that the more you develop your [...]
The Answer to A Singer’s Prayers:  Speech Level Singing
Once upon a time, there was no speech level singing , but there was always singing. Yeah, great singers and great singing teachers have been around forever! But then a guy named Seth Riggs came along and started to teach a whole new way of singing -- something he called "Speech Level Singing". And tell you what? That changed the way our superstars are singing today! Seth Riggs was the creator [...]
Getting To Know Brett Manning, the Genius Behind “Singing Success”
Singing Success is a patented method for helping beginning and professional singers to develop the full potential of their voices, developed by Brett Manning of Nashville, Tennessee. Brett came to develop his singing method through his own struggle to get his voice to behave the way he wanted it too. While bouncing around the rough and tumble music scene of Nashville--known as “Music City USA”, [...]
How Singer Melody Gardot Got Her Groove Back,<br />From Devastating Car Accident To Jazzy Bluesy Singer-Songwriter
This is one sultry singer, Melody Gardot of Paris France, originally from Philadelphia. She was in some bands and did a bit of club singing as a teen, but was not serious about a music career -- that is until her accident. At age 19 while riding her bicycle, she was hit by a car. It was serious, touch and go, for a while she could not even speak. The doctors tried physical therapy, drugs, all [...]
Why Do We Love The Guitar?<a href=”http://bit.ly/FreeGuitarcource”
Sitting around the bonfire on a late summer nigh. The sun sets and the the grasshopper starts singing (Here in Norway, the sun sets in the middle of the nigh in the summer months). Your best friends are there, and someone have brought a guitar. You start singing along with the sweet sound from this great instrument. In the beginning it´s just humming. So, after a while, one by one start to sing [...]
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