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Top 7 Songwriting Tips:<br />Secrets Of the Pros
Want some songwriting tips to help you write songs like Gershwin, Brian Wilson or Neko Case? You can; and we have 7 secrets of the real pros in songwriting, to help you to begin a fun and exciting career as a songwriter. Tip #1 - Don’t just write, rewrite. Would a movie maker always use the first take? No, they do it over and over till they get it to an art form. If it sounds funky to you, [...]
How Can A Simple Songwriting Software Tap Your True Songwriting Potential?
You are in luck to be an aspiring songwriter in the world today, because now there are songwriting software programs, videos, MP3s, You Tube lessons, and other tools online that can make it way easier than it used to be. Some people say songwriting is a talent that can’t be learned but that is only half true. When you add desire, the beginning of talent, to practical advice like that in songwriting [...]
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