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Free Home Recording Studio Reference Guide
Get Your Free Home Studio PDF book Impress yourself and your buddy with these recording studio techniques From: Malene Brune 
11:25 PM Hi, My name is Malene, I’m a sound engineer and I’ve made a funny little PDF  I would like to send you.  I have given it the very creative name “Home Studio Recording Reference Guide” ;) Yes, it is a reference guide, filled with killer recording [...]
3 Free Sound Recording Videos
Get Your 3 Free "Learn Music Recording" Videos Impress yourself and your family with these super easy music recording techniques. From: Malene Brune 0:25 AM Hi, My name is Malene and I´ve made 3 music (sound) recording videos I would like to send you. If you're already a pro, then you won´t need these…. but if you´re just starting out, then make sure you enter your email below( or [...]
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