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Barbara Streisand and Stevie Wonder do it…So Does Madonna – What is it?  Seth Riggs Singing Method
Seth Riggs coaches the super stars, and to them he is a household name, even though the average person has probably never heard of him. He is known as one of the top vocal coaches in the world. Seth Riggs’ roster of pupils includes hundreds of the rich and famous -- not just singers, but actors and even doctors. That’s right. His method is so helpful for protecting the vocal chords that doctors [...]
The Answer to A Singer’s Prayers:  Speech Level Singing
Once upon a time, there was no speech level singing , but there was always singing. Yeah, great singers and great singing teachers have been around forever! But then a guy named Seth Riggs came along and started to teach a whole new way of singing -- something he called "Speech Level Singing". And tell you what? That changed the way our superstars are singing today! Seth Riggs was the creator [...]
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