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How Can I Develop My Singing Technique?   4 Pro Tips For Serious Professionals
Even though many amateur or gigging vocalists gain a certain level of competency simply from time spent on stage, they often wonder, “How can I develop my singing-- become a great singer?” Today we will look at 4 training tips to help you realize your full vocal potential. Tip #1 - Become Aware of Your Vibrato A. Place your hands on the lower chest area so you can feel your ribs [...]
How to Have Singing Success, Even On Your Worst Days
Your singing success should not be forfeited because you have problems such as a sore throat or raw tissues from straining your vocal chords. Sadly this is all too common for singers.  You may have that big break when a producer or talent scout comes to see you, but alas --you are having a bad hair day.  No, not bad hair, something even more important-- a bad voice day. This is often related [...]
The Answer to A Singer’s Prayers:  Speech Level Singing
Once upon a time, there was no speech level singing , but there was always singing. Yeah, great singers and great singing teachers have been around forever! But then a guy named Seth Riggs came along and started to teach a whole new way of singing -- something he called "Speech Level Singing". And tell you what? That changed the way our superstars are singing today! Seth Riggs was the creator [...]
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